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At least the VCO Companion - 2017.10.22 - 22:04

This companion will bring to the VCO-Extra the Square frequency : F/4, F/2, F/3, 2F/3, and 3F/2

And with Triangle and Sine : F/2 and F/4.

some new little things... - 2017.10.22 - 21:27

VCO Extra : Change in the file to be adapted to the futur Companion circuit and availability of professional double side pcb.

CV Offset : New release with pcb.

VCO-Extra - 2017.05.31 - 21:40

Scanner - 2017.03.13 - 21:45

Finally the scanner is ready. This new circuit as can do a pan but with 4 inputs morphs sucessively the 4 inputs with a manual control or a CV (+-5V). You can watch 2 videos on 2 possibilities of use between several.

Little Sequencer - 2016.03.28 - 18:43

This litte sequencer allows up and down counting in 2*8 or 1*16 mode. See the new item for full specs.

Input Follower - 2016.01.30 - 22:52

A Small amplifier followed by an envelop detector and 2 gates generator.

Quad-Quantizers - 2016.01.25 - 21:17

Still an other module for DIYer, a four voices quantizer with the idea of building from 1 to 4 voices, as you like.

Filter bank - 2015.12.20 - 22:22

From the band pass filter of the SH5, then mofify to become a multimode LP,  BP, HP with gain , frquency and resonance. This filter is copy 3 times.

Spring Reverb - 2015.12.20 - 21:47

Here is my release of a classical spring reverb with ideas from "Elliot Sound product". Very usefuil fo our modular synth.

DigiNoise - 2015.08.16 - 22:12

Here is a pseuso random digital noise generator with a filter to give him some color then a low pass to give a random control voltage.

A 440 Hz ref - 2015.08.09 - 20:15

A useful 440 Hz reference.

Dual VCO VCAmixer improvement - 2015.02.04 - 12:01

Thru improvement in the range and deletion of this ugly output capacitor

Clipper/rectifier - 2015.01.12 - 12:12

From  Stephen ( idea first then I cloned the Q130 from This module less famous allows rectifying and  clipping signal (positive, negative, both). For application see dot com site. I recommend the book  :  IC Op-Amp Cookbook from W. JUNG which help me.

See article.

Lay out files for 960, 962, and gate bus have been improved. A correction has been made on In/Out pcb.

Thanks and Happy new years to you all guys smile

Dual Lag Processor - 2014.12.28 - 13:05

Here is a pcb for the "Harry Bissel" schematic. This board provide 2 processors which can be used as a portamento, a glide, a gate slew...Rising and falling edges have independant control and the response can move from linear to logarithmic.

Dual VCLFO - 2014.09.18 - 19:26

Hello here is a great classical : a VCLFO from the FORMANT ELEKTOR. In addition to the voltage control for the frquency you will find an input Reset which could be use to synchronize the 2 LFOs.

Shapes available : Triangle, Square, Sine and Slope + Ramp at the double frequency.

2 waveform generators - 2014.07.19 - 17:55


I have extract the wave generator from the VCO Kobol and adapt it to a standard Saw +5V-5V as input. With one output we get all the classical waveforms triangle, saw square, pulse plus a modulation Cv.


Double pulse waveform generator

This one is coming from I. Fritz : . I did some light modifications and adapt it to a +-15V supply. It needs a triangle as input. The purpose of these generator is to bring some even harmonics which are not so present in our classical waveforms.

SEM Filter - 2014.07.19 - 16:31

Here is a filter which is not in the Yusynth collection : the SEM filter from Tom OBERHEIM. It 's a state variable filter 2 poles using JFET as buffers in a reverse position as a source follower.

It 's a copy but not a true one from purist point of view because I didn't use the original component as AOP 301, 741 or JFET.

Sub-Octaves - 2014.06.15 - 18:21

My new sub-octaves module with several choices in term of frequency and waveshape for the ouputs.

VCo Add-on - 2014.06.15 - 18:14

A new small add-on for VCO. A wave mixer with modulation. This is not wave morphing just a mixer made with a VCA.

An easy dual Quantizer - 2014.04.27 - 16:41

Cherry on the cake to follow the Moog sequencer. This easy Quantizer with no PIC only discrete componentsbiggrin

Last small one for the 960 - 2014.04.17 - 12:44

As it was due. Here is the "Gate Bus " for sequencer MOOG 960, which allows to distribute the 8 gates on 2 busses.

I have made an add-on to the ADSR Yusynth to add 3 features :

  • a Gate LED
  • An input "Retrigger"
  • An output signal 0-5V :"DSR Phase" with a LED.

These 3 functions are wholly independant !

Pedal Switch - 2014.04.14 - 16:17

Here is a GATE or a TRIGGER, triggerered by a push or a pedal NO. Usable for ADSR, Sequencer, delay...... 

Clone Moog Sequencer 960 - 2014.03.17 - 12:30

I had a dream so I did it : the MOOG sequencer 960. After a long period of study it's alive. I have added a Reset mode on stage 1 to 7 and a clock output with variable PW from 90% to 10%.

WARNING : This project can be realized by an hobbyist but needs patience  and be meticulous mainly for the wiring. It's made with 4 boards.

The schematic become a bit complicated because I wanted to get robustified input output. 

Clone Moog 962 - 2014.03.15 - 19:08

Here is a new module : the sequential switch clone of MOOG 962. As you may know it was used to chain the 3 sequences from the "Sequencer 960".

As additional features you can push a sequence every two passes and the in and out can be reversed.

Waiting for more to come coolsmile

CV Offset - 2014.02.13 - 22:16

This has been replaced by release 2 with pcb

REPLACE by the module Sub-Octaves.

Get rid of sub octave in square pulse so go into the schematic section to look at a pulse to sine converter for octave-1 and -2.

Power supply develop by JL Lartigue aka "Portamento". plus a distribution line.

Please visit the site  :

Pcb for another distribution line :

Multimode filter with CEM3320 - 2013.11.15 - 17:07

3320 Multi mode filter :

I've got the chance to get some CEM 3320 to repair my SYNTHEX, and I have decided to use at least on of those to realize a filter. I decided to go for the principle of 4 Low pass filter mode where with the right ratio and sign you can get any filter type.

Read the technical article from Olivier GILLET from MUTABLE on his filter: (SSM2164 4-pole with pole-mixing). This principle was also used on the Matrix 12 from OBERHEIM. There is also one from ELECTRONOTES.

I just get the pcb for validation.

Schematic :