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Welcome to SynthR

Hello guys !

Welcome on SynthR a SDIY site for analog synthesizers.

My mane is Remy, I started in this domain 30 years ago with the FORMANT from Elektor. I have put on hold everything because job and family life. Now I decided to restart and use all the means available thru the Net.

You will find ideas and realisations for your modular system. Sometimes my own development , sometimes development from the community with adaptations. Thanks to all the great people who allow us to reproduce their Job.

Have a good visit and if you create something with my pcb let me know.

The 3 last news
VCO-Extra - 2017.05.31 - 21:40

Scanner - 2017.03.13 - 21:45

Finally the scanner is ready. This new circuit as can do a pan but with 4 inputs morphs sucessively the 4 inputs with a manual control or a CV (+-5V). You can watch 2 videos on 2 possibilities of use between several.

Little Sequencer - 2016.03.28 - 18:43

This litte sequencer allows up and down counting in 2*8 or 1*16 mode. See the new item for full specs.