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Welcome to SynthR

Hello guys !

Welcome on SynthR a SDIY site for analog synthesizers. My mane is Remy I started in this domain 30 years ago with the FORMANT from Elektor. I have stopped everything because job and family life, now I decide to restart with all the means available around the Net.

You will find ideas and realisations for your modular system. Sometimes my own development , sometimes development from the community with adaptations. Thanks to all the great people who allow us to reproduce their Job.

Have a good visit and if you realize something with my pcb tell me !



The 2 last news

2 waveform generators - by Remy 19/07/2014 @ 17:55


I have extract the wave generator from the VCO Kobol and adapt it to a standard Saw +5V-5V as input. With one output we get all the classical waveforms triangle, saw square, pulse plus a modulation Cv.


Double pulse waveform generator

This one is coming from I. Fritz : . I did some light modifications and adapt it to a +-15V supply. It needs a triangle as input. The purpose of these generator is to bring some even harmonics which are not so present in our classical waveforms.

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SEM Filter - by Remy 19/07/2014 @ 16:31

Here is a filter which is not in the Yusynth collection : the SEM filter from Tom OBERHEIM. It 's a state variable filter 2 poles using JFET as buffers in a reverse position as a source follower.

It 's a copy but not a true one from purist point of view because I didn't use the original component as AOP 301, 741 or JFET.

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